Step 1: Unpack the parts. Lay them out flat and organize them. There should be ten 2 1/2" screws.

Step 2: Attaching the backrests. Place the swing frame on a workbench right side p. Put the pre-assembled backrests in place. Screw through the front of each of the pre-drilled backrests into the Loveseat Swing Base with two 2 1/2" screws. Turn the loveseat swing around so you are looking at the back. Screw through the pre-drilled Swing base into the Backrests using six 2 1/2" screws.

Step 3: Attaching the chains. The chain has three ends. One end attached to an eye bolt. The eye bolt gets a washer then i s inserted through the hole behind the armrest. Use another flat washer then the nut. Tighten the nut. To attach the chain to the front of the swing, remove the quick link with the blue tape from the end of the chain. Drop this piece of the chain down through the hole in the arm. Reconnect the quick link to include the eye-bolt in the front of the swing. Do the same procedure to the other side.

Step 4: Hanging the swing. Every situation is a bit different, but the concept is usually the same. Hang the swing from strong 3x8" eye bolts or eye screws. Adjust the angle of the swing by moving the quicklink in the middle of the chain.

That's it! Your work is done... now the fun part! Sit back and enjoy!