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We build furniture year round. We keep everything in stock so you can get your order fast!

Welcome to our warehouse. This is where the fun begins. YOU GET TO PICK YOUR PIECES! Each piece of Baldwin Furniture is unique. Variations include: Overall color, grain variations and texture. Do you like a piece that's all the same or do you appreciate cedars variety of colors and textures. You become the artist... You pick your set! NOTE: If you cannot be here in person, e-mail or call us to go over the details.

We use this 8,000 square foot warehouse as a showroom. Each piece of furniture we build has it's own unique characteristics. Picking furniture is akin to picking artwork. We organize our pieces in rows so you can pick the set that catches your eye.

Lots of choices
Here we keep the sets that don't fit into the showroom. We offer classic Picnic Tables, Octagons, Hexagons, and Trestle Tables. The room is 60' wide and 120' feet long.

Cedar contains various colors. This complexity adds to the furniture's beauty, but makes picking a matching set a real chore. Family debates play our here on a regular basis. Max and Chari pick the sets for our web orders. We know how important it is and we do an excellent job.

Some people choose the darker pieces, others go straight for the lighter ones. I like the rich red colors with streaks of light and dark mixed in. No two are the same, but we can always find a set.

Our warehouse is for long term (more than one week) storage of parts. The parts must be kept out of sunlight so this dark warehouse is perfect. We call it the deep freeze because it is unheated and gets cold due to the lack of sunlight. A bad place to work, but a great place to keep your parts.

We are always drying lumber. We receive it green (wet). Space it out on 1 inch sticks, and let it dry for months. I use a moisture meter and a hydrometer to test the moisture content of the boards. When they reach 13% they are ready for the sander.

Click here to watch our video! Max Baldwin. Fine outdoor living since 1989. We are now building Pergolas!
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