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We employ a huge CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) Router. That means every part is cut exactly the same and perfectly.

This is Woody the wood cutter! He knows all the moves.

N38 X-98.599 Y3.875
N39 X-100.725 Y3.875
N40 G3 X-103.321 Y4.832 R3.375
N41 X-106.853 Y3.548 R6.807
N42 G2 X-111.5 Y1.886 R8.776
N43 G1 X-111.5 Y-0.25
N44 G0 Z-4.25
N45 X-97.75 Y9.25
N46 Z-6.531
N47 G1 X-97.75 Y9.25 Z-8.797
N48 X-97.75 Y6.966
N49 X-98.599 Y3.875
N50 X-100.725 Y3.875
N51 G3 X-103.321 Y4.832 R3.375

N24 X-98.599 Y3.875
N25 G1 X-97.75 Y9.25 Z-8.266 F50
N26 X-97.75 Y6.966
N27 X-98.599 Y3.875
N28 X-100.725 Y3.875
N29 G3 X-103.321 Y4.832 R3.375
N30 X-106.853 Y3.548 R6.807
N31 G2 X-111.5 Y1.886 R8.776
N32 G1 X-111.5 Y-0.25
N33 G0 Z-4.25
N34 X-97.75 Y9.25
N35 Z-6.266
N36 G1 X-97.75 Y9.25 Z-8.531
N37 X-97.75 Y6.966

We program in microns. That's one thousandths of a millimeter!

Woody cuts to the thusandths of an inch accuracy.
That means all the bolts will line up and everything fits together perfectly.

Click here to watch our video! Max Baldwin. Fine outdoor living since 1989. We are now building Pergolas!
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